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Revealing Thoroughly of Small SUV Chevrolet Trax Car

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Chevrolet Trax Launched at GIIAS 2015 ICE BSD - Indonesia
Chevrolet Trax Launched at GIIAS 2015 ICE BSD - Indonesia
MPV cars are still leading to be the most selling cars. However, it has started to be rivaled by another car type. What is it? It is called suv car growing quickly to the chart of selling car recently. Many car manufacturers are competing to steal the auto markets. One of the recommended SUV cars is small SUV Chevrolet with its Trax car. It is the best time to discuss thoroughly about the flagship car of United States. Here are some positive opinions about trax car from Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Trax - Tough Look Auto Exterior

Auto exterior of trax car becomes an interesting point to reveal in suv Chevrolet review. This car has served the most amazing exterior features getting similar to the previous Chevrolet generation called Chevrolet captive. With the strong body line, Trax has attemped to show agility and athletic movements. The physical size is very optimal to give higher visibility distance than a SUV car and offer the easiness to drive down like a small car. The feature of Trax car is able to turn around with the narrow circle distance about 5.65 meter giving simplicity in maneuvering.

Chevrolet Trax General Specification
Chevrolet Trax General Specification

Grill chrome design of this Chevrolet car is very typical with big lights to optimal lighting completed by DRL ( daytime running light). It represents the presence of suv car being a dynamic city car. Trax car from Chevrolet has been completed by premium features making you amazed including 18” aluminum alloy wheel. The car has been claimed to be ready for reaching the top level of small SUV cars.
The Best Cabin Ever

The served cabin by Trax car from SUV Chevrolet is as comfortable as Chevrolet captive. The auto cabin eases you to begin a challenge with this car to enjoy the city panorama. Trax car has the overall length of 4.248 mm and the distance within wheels is 2.555 mm. The interior of trax cars is very large and wide to adorn the look of this car. Back seats of Trax can be folded by the 60/40 folding orientation with the flexible seat configuration. Trax is able to accommodate about five passengers. Having this car is appropriate for any needs and keeping the goods in which the capacity reaches more than 1000 liters. It enables to take more goods and tools in the car. The cabin has become the part of suv Chevrolet review.

The Impressive Performance of Auto Engine

Trax car is actually not supported by huge capacity engine. It is enough to promote only 1.400 cc. This engine has been happening in the auto market for being installed to suv cars. The turbocharger engine with the capacity of 1.4 liter has been regarded to produce the best performance in its class with the maximum torsion.

Turbocharger engine has been also designed to minimize the turbo lag and also increase the engine response. Trax car has used DCVCP system to optimize the intake and exhaust in order to make the engine more efficient and decrease the fuel emission. The transmission of this small suv car has been bolstered with 6 speeds in the third generation making the engine performance more harmonious.

The Laptop Charger Spot and Maximal Safety Driving

Chevrolet trax offers value-added functionally that has been needed by many auto drivers currently. With the audio button on the driving wheel and luxurious leather seats, it is able to boost the comfort during driving. The infotainment system of this car combines the technology for the comfort and easiness for drivers in order to enjoy every single trip with the Trax car. The system combines personal gadget features to the 7” screen look with full of colors and high resolution. The drivers can do calling, listen to the music and watch videos. It is available laptop plugs that are owned by the other competitors.

The attached technology of this car also increases the comfort of passengers. It is able to give safety driving feeling for drivers and passengers. In addition to be installed basic features like back camera and parking sensor, trax ca has been completed by 6 airbags, brake assist, electronic brake and anti lock braking system.

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