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Mitsubishi Mirage 2015 in Indonesia

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Mitsubishi Indonesia has seen its share of the small hatchback big enough market, especially when they do not have a player of class a lot. Because this car is intended for everyday activities, Mitsubishi tried to bring a small hatchback fuel efficient.

Mitsubishi Mirage is a city car / hatchback which is economic with 1200 cc engine producing Mitsubishi Indonesia (KTB) has been marketed Mitsubishi Mirage itself in the world with the concept of efficient car. Mitsubishi Mirage has a fuel consumption is very economical, a 1 liter to 27 km (mirage Japan), while the mirage in Indonesia fuel consumption is 1:21 (1 liter to 21 km), Mitsubishi Mirage in Indonesia that the car is the most economical in the Honda car category Rio hit the city, Suzuki Splash and Daihatsu Sirion.

City concept car carrying an easy environment for comfort and driving pleasure, and Mitsubishi Mirage did not compete on the ability or the reliability of the engine, but the car compete on price, ease of use, fuel efficient and driving pleasure. As a car frugal Mitsubishi City mirage cannot be equated with the Honda Jazz that has a capacity of 1500 cc engine which has a strength of 120 PS (much larger than the mirage), even a mirage also not comparable with the Honda Brio city car that carries ECO Honda 1300 engine cm cubic capable of generating a maximum power of 100 PS / 6000 rpm. Mitsubishi Mirage has a maximum power of 77 PS at 6000 rpm, to power cars 1300 cc diesel engine is very good, compared with cars tiger or other diesel engines that only 80-85 while Ps above 2,000 cc engines, the Mitsubishi Mirage has optimum machine.

Mitsubishi Mirage has three variables which GLX, GLS and overcome the mirage which is available in two options manual and automatic transmissions, for those who like a manual transmission can choose GLX mirage transmission matic type while fans can choose mirage GLS and override, override Mirage specific transportation system user is the CVT posting (Continuously Variable Transmission) or INVECS III.

Best of Mitsubishi Mirage option is a type of bypass while he is under Alternative GLS AT variables down holding Oleg GLX MT, for the price of Mitsubishi Mirage exceed $ 165 million, while the GLS AT Price mirage is $ 152 million and a mirage price GLX MT most inexpensive any $ 139 million. Mitsubishi Mirage car city level relatively competitive prices for the cheapest alternative mirage Huda Rs. 10 JT. Cheaper than the cheapest alternative Honda Brio is still priced at $ 149 million.

Main rival as a car Mitsubishi Mirage City 1200 CC is KIA Picanto which is the same city car Kia Motors output that has the ability to 1000CC cylinder 1250 cc engine, Kia Picanto 1:25 sold for $ 129 million that the manual transmission and 141 million Matic alternative, energy-generating Picanto 1000 cc by 67 note while Kia Picanto 01:25 (1250 cc) can generate up to 87 Note 6000 rpm. Mirage machine has a torque large enough in the 4000 cycle at 100 Nm minute. Although it is only 75 horse power just so not very special in its class. But with a weight of 883 kg only less than 1 ton alias, can achieve ideal power to weight ratio.

Specifications of Mitsubishi Mirage are:
  • Dimensions car length × width × height (mm): 3710 x 1665 x 1490
  • Auto turning radius: 4.4 meters
  • The distance between the wheelbases: 2450 mm
  • Ground clearance mirage: 15 cm
  • Empty vehicle weight: 830 kg to 870 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity mirage: 35 liters
  • Engine Type: 3-cylinder MIVEC 12 valve cylinder with a capacity of 1193 cc, DOHC
  • Mirage ability cylinder engine: 1200 cc
  • Mitsubishi Mirage Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Maximum power mirage: Psalm 78 in engine of 6,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque mirage: 10.2 kg at 4000 rpm
  • Tire size 165/65-R14
  1. Mitsubishi Mirage has a good feature especially for the mirage above the replacement most abundant plush, and the various features that are embedded in a mirage among other things part:Key less operating system and the elimination of the use of the classic lock on the main door of the car
  2. Engine start button, this feature provides a pillar of the model with a button (not with keys), and this feature is usually included in the sports car
  3. Fog lights, usually mounted on the division of fog SUV / car adventure lights
  4. Use Immobilizer, airbags and brakes ABS / EBD, technology and materials in the cabin rises Protensioner automatically makes this a very good car safety
  5. The electric power steering really facilitates this system to guide the car
  6. Sophisticated automatic air conditioning, which can mengatus temperature of the car automatically
  7. MID development in the LCD used for navigation form contains the trip meter, ODO meter, and the use of materials on the average trip barar and sophisticated MID is able to estimate the distance that can be achieved with the remaining fuel ditangki list to learn how to lead us.
  8. Audio USB support system, car audio MP3 / MP4 can be compact and Radio FM / AM CD play
  9. Automatic wipers, which adjusts the amount of rainwater.
Different features Mitsubishi Mirage over several variables beyond just installed, but do not worry GLS and GLX also get features that are not much different from more than a mirage.

Mirage cars has already mentioned above, which Rp. 139.000.000-Rp 165.000.000 prices. Here is a comparison between the Mitsubishi Mirage with competitors competitors include Honda Brio, Kia Picanto, March and April Daihatsu Sirion

Of tests conducted, and KTB and manufacturers Mitsubishi Indonesia car turns fuel consumption Mitsubishi very economical mirage, where manually mirage with the two passengers able to record fuel consumption of up to 44 kilometers to 1 liter of fuel, while Mitsubishi Mirage Matic recorded 37 miles per liter, which have been obtained in previous tests characters like the old reviews on top.